Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thing 9: Technorati is clearly superior

I'm kidding, sort of. I have no real authority to make such a proclamation. But! After taking a peek through a few of the available news feed search tools, I think Technorati is the most user-friendly. I really liked browsing through their most popular. The bonus with all of these search sites is that I'm made aware of other great blogs out there with which to waste my time on. :) I found Bloglines to be time-consuming, and I had to register and re-register for it over and over again before my email was validated. I also wasn't impressed with Syndic8 or, but then again, I'm not looking for strictly news feeds, just blogs with information that appeals to me (see: college basketball addiction). Now having used these search tools, I'm still more likely to add feeds from blogs that I already read instead of looking for new ones.

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