Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thing 16: wiki wiki

Wikis are cool. You know how I know that? 'Cause Literacy already has one! Really! It's here: We try to keep it updated, and ideally, it would be a wonderful resource for both tutors and students. However, I think we have trouble getting people to actually go there and contribute. I'm not sure what the solution to that issue is, because as it stands, right now there's very little collaboration going on, we just make sure to get events and announcements up there. Anyone have any ideas for this? I myself have used a lot of wikis, and have been forced to do some for library school. Different wiki editors/farms have good and bad qualities. Sometimes wikispaces really frustrates me, but you have to take that when you know it's designed for people like me who have no clue about HTML.

I like the idea in general, but having someone moderate is ideal. I'm amazed at Wikipedia, but also know how easy it is to get false (but sometimes really funny) information in there. So, to sum up: wiki = good, but only if you get people to participate!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Library 2.0-ness

Library 2.0 is an intriguing concept, one that I feel is hashed and re-hashed to death among library bloggers and the like, and bandied about in library school. It is the hip thing, the cool way to approach library services, and if you're not on the train, you'll be left in the dust. If I sound bitter, well, it's the way I sound most of the time. (Try reading Annoyed Librarian at Library Journal - she names these Library 2.0 folks 'two-point-opians'). While reading the assorted clips from OCLC on the topic, I can go along with a lot of the innovations. I have no problem with user-centered-ness, and agree that our catalogs could be a great deal more functional. I'm just futilely holding on to the library as I used to know it - I long for card catalogs and cavernous rooms full of actual books made of paper. The futurist they interviewed - when she delved into the idea of Library 3D and 4.0, my brain just shut off.

I'm also not into change for change's sake. Not all of these concepts translate perfectly to every patron or location and I think in the spirit of user-centered-ness, we should be aware of that. Not everyone will be onboard with these changes, and the library world should be patient and let change, useful change, come when it may. Maybe I just have an inferiority complex, and think I'm not cool enough for Library 2.0. I'll let that be up for debate. I'll get there, folks, it just may take some time. :)