Friday, February 27, 2009

Thing 7: random-like post re: technology

Am I the only one out there who doesn't actually want to know how computer technology works? Surely not, right? I'm taking a 'computers in libraries' class right now, and while I'm subjected to technical explanations of how a hard drive operates (I had no idea), I largely ignore it and move onward. (I like to think of appliances and other electrical devices as magical. I can see it now: "Mom, how does the TV work?" Me: Shoot, I dunno, magic! Ask your father!")

Should all of us have to understand the mechanics of it all to be proficient at various technie applications and enjoy its use? I'll place myself at the middle of a spectrum, here: my mom (Hi mom! Love you lots!) at one end, who has a healthy fear of computers but now uses email...and my friend Kathy, who does web design and programming for a living. Thank heavens that programmers understand that there are people like myself that don't actually want to see the inner workings of an application, and make it friendly-appearing for us. Am I grateful for technology? Absolutely. Do I enjoy working with some of it? You bet. Will my eyes glaze over when you start to explain to me how relational databases operate? Yessssss. It is my hope with this 23 Things experience that I'll gain just enough knowledge to be dangerous about these magnificient applications. And hope that there won't be a quiz at the end of this. :)


  1. I can imagine that class being akin to having to learn how a car engine works in order to get your license. Quite dumb.

  2. As long as you know NOT to put your library card in your computer, I think you're good.