Monday, February 23, 2009

fun with Picasa (thing 6)

Playing around with photo sharing sites really only serves to remind me just how far behind I am on uploading my own personal pictures. Sigh. I've mainly used Kodak Photo Gallery, because you can have your local drugstore or what have you print them and have them ready for pick up. Now, I let Kodak do the work and they even write stuff on the back for you. Score! So, as part of Thing 6, I thought I'd take a peek around Picasa for pictures that might interest me. Because it's Lundi Gras today, and in honor of my college hometown, I thought I'd find some New Orleans pictures.

My alma mater, Loyola University New Orleans. Notice the Touchdown Jesus. Let's see if we can find a close up view of him, shall we?

There we are.

And finally, a shot of the building that I spent 75% of my time in, the College of Music.

Thank you to the lovely photographers for those images: Picasa users Poulin, John, and repsierhea.

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